About SCMS

Welcome to Support Care Management Services (SCMS).

SCMS is a privately owned and operated organisation, registered to provide financial and managerial support services to the Queensland disability comunity.

We offer a ‘financial administration service’

:To assist those who wish to have their funding packages managed in an affordable and inclusive manner.

: To assist those who wish to self manage their ‘funding packages’.

: To offer a viable, competitive and affordable alternative to large established organisations who charge exorbitant fees for mediocre and inflexible servicing.

: Although not at all involved with the provision of care. We have strong links with organisations and individuals who are dedicated to the provision of affordable, competitively priced care services.

:With strong links to the Disability Community we understand and appreciate the daunting task that Funding self-management can present.

Our Guarantee

Our fees are covered by the NDIS – we do not charge the participant any out of pocket expenses. The Participant must have Plan Management nominated in their plan to access our services.

It is our aim to support you so that you can achieve your goals with the minimum hassle.